Jeff Pennett

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Culture-Driven Technology Leader | DevOps | NetEng | FOSS

Exited IT Specialist with >14 Years in Networking, Hardware & Software.

♡ Networking, Cloud, Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement


Clear Moon, LLC IT Specialist - 2010 - ∞

  • Continued Project Managment with multiple vendors and organizations per client.
  • Technical scope development from hardware requirements up to virtualization, database and SaaS deployments.
  • Surveyed, designed, deployed, and supported enterprise network solutions for flagship properties of Marriott, Hilton, Diamond, Hyatt, IHG, Wyndham...
  • including vendors such as Windstream, Cloud5, DeepBlue, Swisscom, Allbridge, Guest-Tek...
  • Sales, design and support for NHDOE schools, including desktops, wireless solutions, and various hardware.
  • Dedicated focus on effective communication, ensuring progression of projects and deterrence of slope creep.

  • Inquire more for experience in the roles of an IT Specialist, Solutions Architect, Lead Network Engineer and some contracted positions.

Aerwave, Inc. CTO - 2020 - 2023

  • Designed, launched and scaled FTTU MDU Wi-Fi system with unique SSID & PSK Per-Unit Portal, stretching 2M$ across eleven pilots and raising 20M$ Series A.
  • User Onboarding and PSK Portal built in-house with GCP, on-prem systems of Ruckus Wireless, Brocade (Ruckus) Backbone, Fortinet Headend.
  • Surveyed, designed, deployed, and supported enterprise network solutions for Brookfield, JBG, NXRT, BH, PEAK, AMLI, Valiant, Hillwood...
  • for Garden Styles, High-rise, Villas, Retrofits and New Builds.
  • Deployed up to 100GE circuits across 10 DCs, in-house DC reaching FTTB to in-house or unit FTTU.
  • Scaled nation-wide installs, deployment and support, including >100 miles of OSP fiber.

  • Inquire more for leadership infomation and qualities that brought a thin 3-man start-up into a 100+ person 60M$ corporation.

Networking and Systems

Networking (& protocols), wireless systems, cloud computing [GCP], solution [software & systems] architecture, machine learning, cybersecurity management, infrastructure management ... ...

Office and Administration

Leadership, stakeholder engagement, project management, technical scope, risk mitigation, process improvement, employee/tech hiring & training, customer support, ToFU to BoFU sales & marketing ...

Various Hardware

Brands: HPE/Aruba, Cisco/Meraki, Ruckus, Brocade, Fortinet, Juniper, Nomadix, Dell, HP, Samsung, TP-Link ...
Types: Switches, routers, controllers, firewalls, wireless APs, servers, workstations, laptops, smartphones ...

Software and Environments

Ekahau, Hamina, Unix/Windows virtualization, Git, Salesforce, Microsoft Office (+ Project & Visio), Adobe Suite, Monday, Autodesk, C++, MariaDB ...


Currently experimenting with:

GPT-4, React.js, Docker, Kubernetes.


Florida State University

Graduate Certificate: Project Management

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film
Minor: Animation (Honors College), Directing

And certs are an unending education!

Open-source Software/Game Dev, Music, Editing (Film), Reading, Digital Art, Gardening, Baking, Hiking, Skiing, IoT.

Current member of IEEE, AIAA.

Arctic Code Vault Contributor, CDDA (C++/json) and pfSense (php).

The most important thing in my life is my spouse and our growing family.
My life-work balance is of the highest importance, as is to remain WFH.

Technically proficient IT Specialist with 16 years of networking, hardware and software experience in enterprise-grade environments. Skilled in design, implementation and troubleshooting of cutting-edge systems. Excels in effective communication and project management, with excellent leadership qualities.